Dog Lover’s Favorite Books
April 14, 2017

We all love to snuggle up with our dogs after a long day. Sometimes those snuggles include a good book! While you may have some other books to enjoy, there are also many options about dogs! Dog lovers love all aspects of the doggie world: including the literature. Here are some books you can read next time your wanting to spend some time with your dog- and read about them too!

Following Atticus- Tom Ryan

This book follow a man, author Tom Ryan, and his dog, Atticus, and as they scale all 48, 4,000-foot mountains in New Hampshire’s White Mountains- not just once, but twice in one winter. Maybe it’ll inspire you to take your dog on a new adventure!

My Leash on Life- Lenore Hirsch

This story follows Foxy and his view of the world as a dog! It follows his experiences, including being rescued, abandoned, and many other wild and crazy adventures. Foxy gives insight to how humans might appear from a dog’s perspective and offers humorous commentary. This book will remind you of how connected you are to your four-legged best friend!

Bespotted- Linda Gray Sexton

Not only will this book bring you back to your childhood. but it also is written by a critically acclaimed memoirist. This book gives you a nonfiction look into 101 Dalmatians, as it shows a family’s experience with 38 Dalmatians. It gives insights into professional breeding and showing dogs, and it is sure to touch your heart.

Paw and Order-Spencer Quinn

If you love dogs and mystery, this is the series for you! This New York Times bestselling series shows a dog and man crime solving duo and their adventures. This is the 7th book in the series, but if you want more material to read, you can check out the others!

Ricochet- Judy Ridono

If you’re looking for an inspirational read, Ricochet is the perfect book to pick up! In this novel, the story follows the main character, Ricochet, and her life as a service dog who left training to become a “surf dog”. She ultimately ended up helping even more people than she would have a regular service dog, such as children with special and veterans with PTSD. Maybe the novel will even inspire you to get your dog involved in some sort of service.

There are so many more novels that will make you feel closer than ever to your pup. Let us know what your favorite book to read with your dog is!

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