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Positive Pets Dog Training is one of the highest-rated dog behavior training schools in the country.

JR and his dog, “Murray”

~ Client

“Murray, a loving but occasionally stubborn pup, joined Positive Pets at a year old. Just like with kids, repeating commands used to be a common thing. But thanks to their training, life with a dog is now much smoother.

I had concerns that training might alter Murray’s personality, but it didn’t. Good habits grew, and the bad ones vanished. Positive Pets has an exceptional impact on you and your dog.

With a wide range of classes, from shed finding to advanced obedience, they cater to all dogs. Whether your pup has issues or is just starting out, they have the experience to make a difference.”

Discover Your Next Favorite Dog Training Program

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Tailored to Your Canine Companion’s Needs.


Discover the Ease of Stay & Train!

Let Us Handle the Hard Work for You!

Imagine the joy of having a dog that’s not just well-behaved but a sheer pleasure to be around – one that follows your every command, no matter the distractions or settings. Now, envision all of this, where the bulk of the hard work is expertly taken care of for you! At Positive Pets, our esteemed Transformation Academy is where our clients unlock the countless advantages of having their furry companion trained by a certified professional, all while effortlessly managing their bustling schedules.

Tailored for Busy Lives

The Transformation Academy is tailored especially for active families and individuals who wish to actively participate in their pet’s learning journey but could use a helping hand during those crucial initial training phases. After completing the academy, your dog returns home, ready to joyfully obey your commands, even amidst challenging distractions. But that’s not all – as the owner, you’ll gain invaluable insights into maintaining your dog’s impeccable behavior through personalized “Leadership Transfer” private lessons.

Experience the Transformation

The result? A dog that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring harmonious companionship in any situation. So, why wait? Your path to a well-trained and well-mannered canine companion is just a step away. Click below to schedule a free consultation today, and let’s embark on this incredible transformation together. Your dog’s happiness and your peace of mind are our top priorities.

A well-mannered dog is just a click away. Click below for free consultation.

Day Train

Day Train

All Of The Hard Work Done for You, But Your Dog Still Sleeps At Home.

A Solution for Busy Dog Owners

Our Day Train programs are meticulously crafted for dog owners leading busy lives, those who may find it challenging to dedicate the time, energy, or patience required to establish a solid foundation for their dog’s behavior. At Positive Pets Dog Training, we understand the unique demands on your time, and we’ve designed a distinctive solution to make your life easier and your dog happier.

How It Works

Your cherished furry companion will spend one day a week at our specialized training facility, with the program spanning 3 to 7 weeks, depending on your specific training objectives. During their time with us, our devoted trainers work tirelessly to instill good manners and obedience in your dog. But that’s just one part of the equation.

Your Active Involvement

As the owner, you play a pivotal role in this transformative journey. You’ll actively participate in personalized private lessons where you’ll not only discover but also practice the commands and behaviors your pup has learned throughout the day. It’s a seamless transfer of knowledge and skills, ensuring that both you and your dog are on the same page.

The Exceptional Outcome

The result? A well-trained, well-mannered canine companion who seamlessly integrates into your life. Imagine the joy of having a dog that responds to your every command, whether you’re at home, out and about, or in the company of distractions.

A well-mannered dog is just a click away. Click below for free consultation.

Positive Pets Dog Training – Boise, ID

For over 28 years, we’ve been proudly serving Treasure Valley dog owners just like you.

Is your dog driving you CRAZY?


Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Whether it’s a mischievous puppy or a stubborn senior, we’ve got you covered.


We can help. We can train any dog – Yes, even yours!


A well-mannered dog is just a click away. Click here for a free consultation!

Positive Pets Dog Training – Boise, ID

Is your canine companion causing you endless frustration?
Fret not; we’ve got the solution. We specialize in training dogs of all ages and breeds, and yes, that includes your furry friend!

For Veterinarians

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Sharing the knowledge of our attention-reward-based communication system of dog training is something we love to do!

Have our staff of certified professional trainers talk to your group, dog training club or pet-related store. Topics we cover include: the power of reward based training using markers, proper use of the remote training collar for motivation, teaching a trained retrieve, basic & advanced obedience, and dog tricks.

Basic Obedience

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We Can teach You How to Train Your Dog!

If you are the hands-on type that wants to be personally involved with training your pooch, our group dog training classes are for you. Group classes not only teach Click Hereyou training methods, but also provide the benefit of socializing with other dogs and owners.

Private Training

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First, you get 100% of the trainer’s attention: it is just you, your dog, and the trainer. No other clients will be around to create distractions during your session. Second, these lessons are personally tailored around your family, your dog, your lifestyle, and your goals. Your trainer works with you to develop a program based on your dog’s temperament and personality (because what works for a Chihuahua will not work for a Great Dane!).

Puppy Pre-School

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The first 20 weeks of life are a critical time in your puppy’s development. The Positive Pets Puppy Pre-School (for dogs 5 months and younger) will teach you the principles of raising a well-mannered, confident and socially outgoing puppy. This is done through private lessons and small group puppy socialization classes. Topics include house/potty training, how to stop play biting, controlling chewing before it gets destructive, and laying the foundation

Get Started Today

Don’t let another day go by with unaddressed dog training needs. Take the initiative and schedule your free consultation today. Our team is ready to help you embark on the journey to a happier, more obedient, and well-trained dog, tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your dog’s behavior and enhance your bond.

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Available for Police Officers, Rescue Workers, Military Servicemen, Educators, & Firefighters.

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Positive Pets Dog Training is one of the highest-rated dog behavior training schools in the country.

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