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Devin: Operations Manager - Team Leader - Consultant

  • 2012 Graduate of Boise State University, B.A. International Business
  • 2012 Graduate of Boise State University, Associates in Marketing
  • 24mo Apprenticeship at Zwinger Accanihoffen Kennel
  • 18mo Apprenticeship with TK Hot Retrievers
  • Graduate of Michael Ellis School for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Boise Hawks and Boise State Tee-Dog Owner / Breeder
  • Certified AKC CGC, CGCA, CGCU and Tricks evaluator

Devin was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. He has been with Positive Pets since 2012, the same year Devin graduated Boise State University in 2012 with degrees in International Business and Marketing. He spent some time studying abroad and eventually came back to Idaho to start a career. His girlfriend (now wife) was working for Positive Pets and Devin was so impressed with how well-behaved her dog was, that when it came time to train his own dog, he knew how he wanted it done and joined the team. He spent many hrs shadowing Jim Closson before joining the team to show his commitment to learning the trade despite going to college for International Business

After having such a profound journey training his own dog, Devin decided he wanted to make it a career. He left a high-end corporate job to do what he loves: train dogs and help people. Devin has two American Field Labradors named “Kali” and “Dover,” and a Red Australian Cattle Dog named “Zazu”! Devin has worked hard to have “Dover” aka “Bluefield Blitz” to take over the giant shoes of “Cowboy Kohl” doing the Boise Hawks Bat Dog and Boise State University Tee- Dog job. He has one successful season under his belt and has been working hard to be even better the coming seasons.


Donny: Trainer Manager - Team Lead - Consultant

  • 24mo Apprenticeship at Zwinger Accanihoffen Kennel
  • 18mo apprenticeship with TK Hot Retrievers
  • Graduate of Michael Ellis School for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Certified AKC CGC, CGCA, CGCU and Tricks evaluator
  • 2022 PetTech® Pet CPR Certified

Donny has been a trainer with Positive Pets Dog Training since 2014. His early involvement with the company was starting his career with the wellness and husbandry of the dogs at the training facilities as a Kennel Technician. As he became more and more passionate about dog behavior and obedience, he began training alongside some of the most experienced trainers in the nation in pursuit of becoming a great dog trainer and handler.

His experience with training is exceptional in both the beginning and advanced phases of various fields: formal Obedience Training, Hunting and Retriever Training (for both retrieving and pointing breeds), Tricks (including performing at nationally televised events), Therapy/Service Dog training as well as Aggressive/Reactive Behavioral Modification.

Unleashing a dogs true potential is what gives Donny the ability to create training partnerships between dog and humans that are built to last. He enjoys keeping training and play balanced together with his and his client dogs alike. His four-legged companions are his trick dog Australian Shepherds “Skye” & “Apache”. He also has an American Field Labrador named “K.J.”, junior to “Kohl” our famous former Official Boise State Tee Dog and Official Bat Dog for the Boise Hawks!


Tas: Team Leader - Consultant

  • 1999 Westfield State College BS Movement Science, Physical education
  • 2004 Plymouth State College MEd, Outdoor education
  • Graduated Michael Ellis School for Professional Dog Trainers
  • 1500hrs apprenticeship with TK Hot Retrievers and A Better Pet
  • Certified AKC CGC, CGCA, CGCU and Tricks evaluator
  • AKC Fit Dog Level 1 Instructor
  • 2022 Pet Tech® Pet CPR Certified

Tasmyn moved to the USA in 1992 from her hometown of Durban, South Africa. After completing high school she followed her passion for teaching and couching by graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Tas moved to Boise in 2018 where she quickly fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle. She took her heeler “Maple” to Positive Pets so she could do off leash mountain biking with her. Tas and “Maple” were welcomed to the Positive Pets family starting her new career path towards teaching dogs and their owners. She loved the hands on approach to the apprentice program and learned more about the dog world she was always intrigued by.

Tas has a lab named “Bourbon” who is the daughter of the former Boise State Tee-Dog and Boise Hawks Bat Dog “Kohl.” “Bourbon” is a well rounded girl who loves to compete in a number of different arenas like tricks, hunting tests, dock diving, rally, obedience and nose work. “Bourbon’s” titles are JH, BN, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, ADE, AS, TKI and is the back up tee and bat dog!


Giovanni: Lead Trainer - Consultant

  • 18mo apprenticeship at TK Hot Retrievers and A Better Pet Dog Training
  • Graduated from Michael Ellis School for Professional Dog Trainers
  • 2022 Pet Tech® Pet CPR Certified

Giovanni is born and raised in Idaho. He has always had a passion for animals and at a very young age knew he wanted to work with dogs. When other kids would respond to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many kids in his class responded with “firefighter” and “astronaut”. Gio on the other hand would confidently say “I am going to be a dog trainer.” He graduated high school in 2018 and immediately joined the Positive Pets Dog Training Team as a Kennel Technician. He learned many things about dog welfare, potty training, whelping litters of puppies, proper nutrition and crate training. By 2019 he was an Immersion Trainer and in spring 2020 he started to teach private lessons to clients.

Gio specializes in pointing and retrieving breeds, hunting bird dogs and anxious working breeds that have reactivity challenges. He has been working towards learning more bite work skills to compete in the future with his dog “Bogey”. Gio has had “Bogey,” a black German Shepherd, since he was a puppy and raised him to do AKC obedience where he earned his CD title.

Office Staff


Britta: Human Resources Manager - Team Leader

  • 24mo Apprenticeship with Zwinger Accanihoffen Kennel
  • 18mo Apprenticeship with TK Hot Retrievers
  • Graduate of Michael Ellis School for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Fourth Generation Dog Trainer
  • 2019 Pet Tech® Pet CPR Certified

Britta Closson was raised in a home with parents who were Professional Dog Trainers. She is unique in the dog training world as she is a 4th generation dog trainer. Her father, grandfather and great grandfather were all true “dog men.” While most children learn how to stand by holding onto the sofa or coffee table, she was videoed using her dad’s Labradors. Growing up with her dad who is an active competitor in training as well as a mentor to hundreds of trainers all over the world sure has had its advantages in her education.

Britta maintains her education and sharp training techniques by attending several yearly seminars put on by industry leading specialists in the field of canine behavior and training. She lives in Boise with “Sarah” a Shar-Pei mix and “Otto” a German Shepherd. She also was the handler for the original Boise Hawks Bat Dog and Boise State Tee-Dog “Cowboy Kohl”.

Britta has now moved up in the company and enjoys her role as Human Resources Manager and helping the younger up and coming trainers learn personal skills and training skills. She has been helping to grow the company to make it the best possible company to make her dad proud.


Angie: Office Manager - Team Leader - Consultant

  • 24mo with TK Hot Retreivers and A Better Pet Dog Training
  • 12mo with Zwinger Accanihoffen Kennel
  • 2022 Pet Tech® Pet CPR Certified

Angie Gibson has been with Positive Pets Dog Training since early 2016. Though not a dog trainer herself, she did work as a Kennel Technician taking care of dogs for the company. She has very big heart for the training Positive Pets has offered Idaho over the course of time she has spent with the team. She started her early involvement with Positive Pets being the voice you hear as you contact our office and the first friendly face you see when you come in! “Anj” has become critical to much of the internal workings of Positive Pets with her strong ability to maintain a positive and productive environment and has no challenges setting the tone for the trainers she works with daily! She has become a necessary team leader for the Positive Pets team and is the organizer of much of our working sphere such as holiday events, public classes, veterinarian relationships, social media and much more.

Angie does not yet have a personal dog of her own, (her own dog passed in 2008) however she is Auntie to all of the staffs’ dogs and never fails to show them off provided the opportunity!










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