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At Positive Pets Dog Training, we understand that a well-behaved dog is a happy dog,
and a happy dog makes for a happy home.

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Basic Obedience Classes at Positive Pets Dog Training

Basic Obedience Classes at Positive Pets Dog Training

At Positive Pets Dog Training, we understand that a well-behaved dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes for a happy home. Whether you’re a new dog owner or looking to reinforce your dog’s training, our Basic Obedience Group Classes are designed to instill essential commands and improve your dog’s behavior.

In our classes, we focus on teaching basic on-leash obedience and essential commands while also addressing house training. All of this is accomplished within a small group setting, where we utilize motivational techniques, reward-based methods, and marker training to achieve success. The cost for this comprehensive 7-week course is $379.

Who Can Attend?

Our Basic Obedience Group Classes are suitable for dogs aged 6 months and older. If you’re seeking a foundational training experience or looking to fine-tune your dog’s obedience skills, our group classes offer a structured and supportive environment.


What You Can Expect

  • Professional Instruction: Our group classes are led by experienced trainers who are passionate about helping dogs and their owners build a strong foundation for good behavior. We limit class sizes to approximately 12 dogs to ensure personalized attention and a comfortable learning atmosphere.
  • Eight Obedience Commands: Throughout the course, your dog will learn eight fundamental obedience commands that are crucial for a well-behaved companion.
  • Free Follow-Up Consultation: We believe in the importance of ongoing support. After completing the group class, you’ll receive a free follow-up consultation. This allows us to address your dog’s unique training needs and provide guidance on continued training at home.
  • Equipment Included: We provide essential training equipment to get you started on the right paw.

Why Basic Obedience Matters

Basic obedience lays the foundation for a strong bond between you and your dog. It enhances communication, builds trust, and ensures your dog’s safety in various situations. These classes provide a structured and positive learning experience that benefits both you and your furry companion.

Basic Obedience as a Standalone Option

While our advanced levels of training programs (Ultimate, Active, and Well-Mannered) include group class follow-ups, we also offer Basic Obedience Group Classes as a standalone option. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or reinforce your dog’s training, these classes are a great choice. The cost for this comprehensive 7-week course is $379.

Advanced Classes at Positive Pets Dog Training

Advanced classes are exclusively available to clients who have successfully completed specific training programs like our Private Lessons, Day Train, or Stay and Train/Transformation Academy within one of our advanced training program levels (Ultimate, Active, and Well-Mannered).

Ready to invest in your dog’s well-being and strengthen your relationship? Join our Basic Obedience Group Classes and embark on a journey to a well-behaved and harmonious partnership with your furry friend. To enroll or learn more about our program, please contact us today.
At Positive Pets Dog Training, we’re committed to helping you and your dog achieve success, one command at a time.

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