Best Tents for Camping with your Dog
August 12, 2019

Camping is a great outdoor activity you can enjoy with your dog. But your pooch isn’t always the best sleeping partner – they can snore, twitch and roll in their sleep, or pass stinky gas. A great way to solve this is by getting your pooch their very own tent!

K9 Pop-Up Travel Dog Tent

The K9 Pop-up Tavel Dog Tent Pros:

  • K9 Pop-up Travel Dog Tent is lightweight, making it conveniently portable.
  • Comfortably fits small to medium-sized dogs.
  • Its wraparound screen window allows your pup to take in the sights while offering plenty of ventilation.
  • The tent also offers UV protection to prevent the suns harmful rays from burning short-haired dogs.

The K9 Pop-up Tavel Dog Tent Cons:

  • Not fit for large dogs.
  • There isn’t a lot of room for your pooch to walk around, mostly made for resting.

Superjare Camping Dog Bed

Superjare Camping Dog Bed Pros:

  • Superjare Camping Dog Bed is designed to give Fido an elevated cot in case the ground is rocky, uneven or wet.
  • Also, for senior dogs, the elevation helps relieve some pressure and tension they may be experiencing in their muscles.
  • Fir for dogs up to 120 pounds.
  • Is great for a beach trip or to pop up on a trip to the park.

Superjare Camping Dog Bed Cons:

  • Isn’t completely enclosed.

Yolafe Portable Pet Tent

Yolafe Portable Pet Tent Pros:

  • Yolafe Portable Pet Tents offer a sturdy frame and scratch-resistant fabric.
  • Four-sided ventilation with an added water-resistant coat on top and is also detachable.
  • Easy to quickly set up and break down.

Yolafe Portable Pet Tent Cons:

  • Heavier than most other models.

Alcott Dog Tent

Alcott Dog Tent Pros:

  • The Alcott Dog Tent’s windows can be opened or closed depending on the weather, temperature, or your dog’s preferences.
  • Its ground stakes help anchor the tent to the ground and avoid it from being blown away
  • The shelter also offers a waterproof base.

Alcott Dog Tent Cons:

  • Not fit for large dogs.
  • It’s peaked shape causes there to be less clearance on the sides.

Winterial Outdoor Pop-up Pet Tent

Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Tent Pros:

  • Winterial Outdoor Pop-up Pet Tent is poll-free, creating an easy set-up and break-down process.
  • It offers 2-inch pads for comfortable pooch sleeping.
  • It has a full mesh screen, allowing plenty of airflow.
  • It even offers ground anchors, so its lightweight design doesn’t cause it to fly away.

Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Tent Cons:

  • It’s not ideal for rainy weather.

Camping will probably be more comfortable for everyone if your pup has their own tent. Happy Camping!

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