Tips for Apartment Life with a Dog
September 8, 2023

Considering you have already found a suitable apartment for you and your companion, read below to learn tips for apartment living with a dog.


Keeping your pal exercised and stimulated is essential to keep them happy and healthy! You can take your pal on a walk, a run, or to the dog park to accomplish this. Additionally, play indoor games, such as puzzles and toys, with them to keep them stimulated and entertained! Some dogs become destructive when they get bored. So, combat boredom with plenty of toys and fun!


Socialization is another critical component in helping your pal stay calm. So, your companion should socialize with other people and animals as much as possible. You can make friends with other dog owners in your apartment complex to have playmates with whom to go to the park and have puppy playdates.

Safe Space

This safe space can be a designated doggy corner or crate. This area can be filled with their bed, treats, toys, and water so your pup feels safe and secure knowing they have an area of their own. This is a place that they can enjoy when they need quiet time or when they are home alone.


Dogs thrive on a routine. So, set times for meals, exercise, playtime, and potty breaks,  and stick to them each day. Having a routine that they can expect will keep both of you calm and grounded.


Setting boundaries in a small space with your canine is essential. So, make sure your four-legged friend knows exactly what the rules are. How loud can they be? Are they allowed on the furniture? What toys are only for outside play? Be clear and consistent with whatever rules you choose!

Combat Odor

To minimize odor and maximize cleanliness, you should regularly change air filters, clean up your pet’s messes, vacuum, lint roll clothes and furniture, and use stain and odor removal products.

Follow the tips above to make apartment living with your dog smooth sailing!

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