Tips for Bonding with Your Partner’s Dog
July 17, 2023

When you come into a dog owner’s life, respecting their relationship with their dog is essential. However, there are steps you can take to build a good relationship with your partner and their dog. Read below to learn tips for bonding with your partner’s dog!

Time and Trust

It will take time for your partner’s companion to trust you. However, spending quality time with your new furry friend through play and being their friend is essential. An excellent opportunity to bond with your companion is through walks. If you can, take the dog for a walk alone without your partner present. This step will come after the pup is comfortable with you, leading to them trusting you more.

Meal Times

A great way to any dog’s heart is through their stomach. So, serving your four-legged friend their meals will bring you closer. Preparing healthy and yummy food and treats is another way to get bonus points in your dog’s eyes. Or, you can stick to their traditional and nutritious kibble to build your bond!

Learn Their Behavior

Dogs communicate through their body language and facial expressions. When you can identify signs that your dog is scared or stressed, you can better protect them. Then, your companion can depend on you to keep them safe. Thus, you will gain their trust and strengthen your bond. This also goes for knowing your new companion’s likes and dislikes. Then, you can provide them with their favorite foods and games while steering clear of unpleasant stimuli such as loud noises or citrus scents.


Be consistent once you begin building your relationship with your partner’s dog! Continue walking, feeding, and playing with your furry friend regularly. Dogs enjoy a routine and look forward to seeing you and receiving your love and care!

Try out the tips above to grow your relationship with your partner’s dog!

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