The Best Cooling Collars for Dogs
August 18, 2022

With the summer heat getting more intense, your dog won’t stop wanting to participate in their favorite outdoor activities. Extreme temperatures can be dangerous for your four-legged friend. To avoid discomfort and overheating, cooling collars are a great solution!

Choosing a Collar

If your pup has a thick coat or needs extra cooling, a cooling collar may be the solution to keep your pal from overheating.


Getting a collar that fits your furry friend correctly is very important. If the collar is too big or too small it won’t affect your pup. It must be pressed into the skin to have the proper cooling effect. Many of these products come with sizing charts to help you select the correct size for your companion.


Many styles may suit your furry friend. Just be sure that the look you want also provides the correct effect.

Bandana cooling collars come in various designs that you and your pup will love. However, this style may not be the best option for dogs that need a stronger cooling effect.

Traditional collars are also an option that fit around your pup’s neck just like their normal collar. They tend to be a bit bulkier so sizing can be a bit tricky. Remember, the collar should lay directly on the skin but should not be too tight.

Cooling vests are also a great option. These lay around your pal’s body and neck to cool them down. These can provide a more substantial cooling effect for dogs with a double coat needing more cooling. Additionally, vests are great options for pups that live in higher temperatures.

Cooling Agent

Most cooling collars require you to fill them with water that needs to be frozen. These designs are ideal for higher temperatures and warmer climates. These are commonly made of silicone or come with cooling packs. So, these are easy to use and durable while also keeping your pooch cool for longer. However, some cooling collars just need to be damp to trigger the cooling effect. But, these do not stay cool for as long.

The Best

1. All Four Paws Chill Collar

This is one of the best cooling collars for your pup! It is made from silicone that is durable and will hold its shape, even if you have a heavy chewer. It features a buckle design so you can easily snap and unsnap the collar. Additionally, it is easy to clean and can cool your pup for up to two hours. Even better, it comes in a variety of sizes to fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. However, it can be heavy once filled and frozen. This may not be the best choice for puppies or senior dogs. Be sure to purchase the correct size so it fits comfortably on your furry friend.

2. The Dog’s Right! Cooling Bandana

This bandana is great if you are wanting a bandana look while also providing great cooling power. The bandana comes with three different cooling packs to insert into the bandana. Additionally, it is adjustable and provides a good amount of coverage. All you need to do is freeze the cooling packs before inserting them into the collar. You can also wet the bandana itself to provide more cooling for your pup. Also, it can be washed with soap and water!

3. CoolerDog Cooling Vest and Collar

This option is on the more expensive side but provides extra coverage and cooling power! This vest and collar fit around the body and neck to provide efficient cooling without being too heavy on the neck. It features cooling packs that you freeze and then place into the vest. It comes in four sizes to help you find one that will best fit your furry friend.

4. K9 Chill Cooling Collar

This cooling collar is affordable, lightweight, and machine washable. This design simply needs to be wetted and then put onto your four-legged friend. Additionally, it features a leash hole so you can keep your pal cool on the go. However, this design will not stay cool as long as others on our list without needing a refresh.

Along with the aid of a cooling collar, be sure that your pup is drinking enough water to stay hydrated! Here is a resource to help you determine how much water your pal should be drinking. We want our furry friends to be cool and comfortable while they participate in all their favorite summer activities!

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