New Years Resolutions for You and Your Dog
December 27, 2017

The New Year brings a time of self reflection and a period of creating goals for the upcoming year. While you’re probably focusing on how you can have a better year for yourself, you can also think about how you help your dog. For 2018, try setting goals that relate to your dog that will better not just your life, but also your pup’s. Your goals need to be realistic and measurable, so keep that in mind when you’re setting resolutions. Here are some ways you can make this year the most happy and productive year for you and your furry friend.

Walk More

All dog owners know how important it is for our dogs to get proper exercise and to take walks. However, sometimes we can slack and not follow through, taking short walks or completely skipping. This year, make it a resolution to take your dog on at least one long, tiring walk every day. No matter how tired you are or how busy you get, it is also important your dog get that time to exercise. Not only will it help bond the two of you, but you will also be getting a good workout in for yourself.

Explore New Scenery

Do you find yourself getting stuck in a rut and going on the same walks or to the same park? While it’s great that you’re getting your dog outside and moving, sometimes your dog needs a little change of pace. This year, try your best to find one new outing for your dog once a month. Whether its a new dog park, a new trail, or a dog friendly restaurant or bar, find somewhere that your dog can explore and try something they normally don’t. This can also help you try new things and maybe even meet some fellow dog loving friends.

Be Mindful of their Food

It can be easy to get lazy when it comes to our dog’s food- hey, we probably get lazy with our own food too! But it is so important to be aware of what you’re putting into your dog’s body. Take the time to find the right food for your pup, thinking about what specific health needs they have, their breed, their lifestyle, etc. Also look for natural, organic ingredients in these foods you’re buying. When you’re feeding, be sure you are measuring every time. It can be easy to just guess, but measuring helps avoid overeating and weight gain.

Give Back

Another great resolution for the new year is to try to give back to the community with your dog. There are many ways you (and your dog) can help out. Set a goal to volunteer once a month (or more if you have time) to walk dogs at your local shelter. You can also call or visit their website to see if they have any supplies they need delivered. If you want to take it even a step further, consider fostering a dog! This gives the dog a chance to socialize and have a home, making it easier for them to get adopted. Your dog also gets a friend to play with and a chance to do some socializing for themselves.

If you work to meet these goals every day and try your best to meet all your dog’s needs, you and your pup should have a happy and fulfilling 2018! Happy New Year!

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