A Guide to Tiny Home Living with Your Dog
February 14, 2022

With the housing market’s rise, home-owning is getting harder and harder to come by. Which is why many people have started investing in alternative housing. Tiny homes are in the newest wave and are meant to move people into a life with, well, less! And while it might sound appealing to live a life of minimalism, it can get complicated when you throw a dog into the mix. Luckily, we have a guide for you!

Listen to Your Dogs

If you’re moving to a tiny home with a partner, then finding a middle ground to be happy is essential. The same rule applies to Fido. Not all dogs are built for tiny homes, the way not all tiny houses are built for dogs. If you know that your buddy gets nervous in small spaces, look for an alternative. Likewise, if you’re living an active lifestyle, ensure your dog can keep up. Figure out your needs and theirs before deciding on a new home. 

Follow Pet Policies

If your tiny home is on wheels, it’s good to figure out the pet policy for each destination. Many places don’t allow dogs inside buildings, and the same can often apply to different campgrounds and RV parks. Double-check with your park manager, or look up policies on your phone. The goal with this is to avoid any snags in the road that could make your tiny home living hard. 

The Pet Spot in Tiny Homes

Try to ensure that your dog has their own space in your tiny home. They love spending time with you and are always happy to do so, but eventually, you’ll get tired of each other. Make sure that you provide them with their own bed, non-spill bowls, and even a basket of toys. Try giving them a kennel, then cover it with a blanket so that they have their own tiny home. How cute is that?

Overall, tiny home living can be easy on your pocket and your life, but you want to make sure your dog is comfortable. Training-wise, if you’re planning on moving but don’t think your dog is ready, pop over to our website and browse through our options.

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