Practicing Mindfulness with your Pup
July 6, 2022

Our furry friends are great at living in the moment, and we can benefit from that too! But how? Practicing mindfulness can help you live in the moment and enjoy the little things in life just like your pup! We can teach a lot to our dogs, just as we can learn a lot from them.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness comes from Buddhist philosophy. It is a form of meditation that focuses on our current thoughts, feelings, body, and surroundings. Evidence shows that practicing mindfulness can improve stress, anxiety, depression, mental health, and our attention spans. However, mindfulness practice doesn’t have to be sitting in silence. It is best to personalize how you practice mindfulness to fit you the best.

Why Practice Mindfulness With My Pup?

The human-animal connection has positive impacts on many aspects of life. Pets provide contact, comfort, and social support. Your furry friend can offer advantageous psychological and physiological effects. For example, our pups can help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce loneliness and provide structure to our lives.

Likewise, mindfulness is mutually beneficial. When you are practicing mindfulness, your four-legged friend hints into that energy. So, your pup will settle and share the moments of peace with you. This practice gives each of you a sense of social support that benefits us.

How Do I Practice Mindfulness With My Pup?

A regular mindfulness practice includes a one-minute “do nothing” exercise. It can last up to 45 minutes or as long or short as you need it to be. It is easy to involve your companion in these exercises. However, let these moments happen if you attempt to practice mindfulness and your pal becomes curious about what you are doing. Though your pup may begin giving you kisses or lying on top of you, this is all a part of practicing mindfulness. You can focus on their breathing, their response to scratching their favorite spot, or your emotional response to your pal spending time with you. Mindful moments can happen anywhere. So, let them happen and enjoy it.

Sticking to a routine is essential but is equally as challenging. Though you may be incredibly busy, you should set aside time for your routines, friends, family, and pets. Your pup can help keep our routine by creating a sense of purpose.

Mindfulness has extraordinary benefits for your mental health. Including your furry friend in these practices can help with bonding and emotional and social support. Remember, even a few minutes a day can make a huge difference.

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