Including Your Dog in Your Proposal
May 19, 2023

Thinking about popping the question and want to include Fido in the special moment? Read below for tips on including your dog in your proposal!

Give The Ring To Fido

The first fun tip we have is to attach the ring to your dog’s collar. There are many variations to this way of including your companion. You can have Fido wake up your partner in the morning, have them come “check something out”, or have your companion sitting there when you pop the question in a beautiful and extravagant setting. Whatever you decide, we recommend using a fancy ribbon to attach the ring. Or, you can get a special ring bearer collar to make the occasion even more special!

However, if you want to go about it in a fancier way, you can also have your four-legged friend fetch the ring. Then, you can show off Fido’s “new trick”. Also, this proposal approach should be easy because your furry friend already knows how to fetch! This may just take some extra training and practice!

Custom Dog Sweater

If your furry friend is already accustomed to wearing clothing, a new sweater to pop the question is a great option! You can order a customized sweater or shit with the question “Will you marry me?” on it. Then, have your partner come check out Fido’s new sweater to get the surprise in motion! But, if your companion isn’t a big fan of wearing clothing, you can also hang a sign from their neck with the big question on it!

Custom Dog Tag

This is another great and personal idea to really surprise your partner! You can order a custom dog tag engraved with “Will you marry me” on it. Then, ask your partner to put the new dog tag on the collar. This proposed approach is casual and unexpected. So, if you are really going for a true surprise, this is the way to go!

Have Fido Deliver a Special Letter

For this proposal approach, write your fiancee-to-be a love letter. Then, have your four-legged friend deliver the note. It is up to you if you want the note to pop the question or if you want to ask after your partner is done reading the romantic note!

Dress Up For the Occasion

The last tip is the most simple. Dress Fido up for the proposal with an adorable bow tie, tux, dress, or bow. Then, you can have your pooch at whatever proposal location you decide, simple or extravagant. Either way, your partner will love having your furry friend included in this special moment!

Follow the tips above for ideas when including Fido in your proposal!

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