Keeping Your Dog Active This Winter
December 16, 2016

With cold weather and the sun setting at 4 p.m., it can be hard to get out and exercise with our dogs in the winer months. It’s easy to be lazy and not take our pups for a walk. But it is still very important for your dog to get moving, inside or out! Your dog needs walks and playtime to stay healthy. Here are some ways to make the best of the cold weather and keep your dog active!


This may seem obvious, but dogs do still enjoy walks when it is chilly. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in the winter months.

  • When it snows, there may be salt or other chemicals on the ground. Your dog could get irritated by these chemicals or even accidentally lick them! To protect your pup’s paws, consider getting a pair of booties for walks.
  • If your dog has short hair, they may need a sweater or coat to keep them warm.


Sometimes you can keep your dog active without going outside! Try making mealtime a little bit different with a feeding toy. These toys make it harder for your dog to get to their food, creating a little workout. Not only will they eat their food slower (which has health benefits) but they also will enjoy their food more when it is a challenge.


If you want to get your dog some exercise in the comfort of your own home, try hide and seek with treats! Hide treats in one room while they aren’t looking, then let them run around and search! Start off easy and then get more difficult with your hiding places. This is a great, new way to keep your dog moving and reward them at the same time.

New Tricks

The dead of winter, when the temps are freezing, is the perfect time to teach some new tricks inside. Set aside 15-20 minutes every day to do a training session of fun tricks with your furry friend. You can start small and keep improving. This will keep not only your dog’s body working, but also their mind!

Find a New Exciting Activity

Most training centers have different classes for activities like agility competitions. In agility classes, your dog can learn how to do obstacle courses with running and jumping. Try going to a class or finding an activity you and your dog really enjoy. Having something new to do will keep your dog having fun and staying in shape in these colder months.

The winter months can be hard for your dog, but with these simple tips they should be having more fun than ever! Just remember to monitor any changes in their weight and stay attentive to their activity levels. Happy Winter!

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