Fall Fun for Your Dog
November 2, 2017
With November arriving and the cold temperatures officially staying, it means one thing- fall is coming! With Halloween just finishing, you’re probably ready to continue your fall spirit. One way to enjoy the amazing fall weather is with your dog! It is time to explore your community with the huge amount of options for things to do with your pup. This season is the perfect time to try something new and make some new traditions with your furry friend. Here are some fall activities that you can do with your pup in November, before it gets too cold!

Apple Picking

A day at an orchard for some apple picking fun is the perfect outing that will satisfy everyone in your party! In the fall, apples are at their best and ready to pick, which is great entertainment for any kids you have along. Not only are apples are a great, delicious treat for you and your family to eat, but they’re also healthy and yummy for pups! Apples are totally safe for dogs to eat (and can even freshen their breath). Be sure to remove the core and any seeds before giving your dog this natural treat! Find an apple orchard in your area that also allows pups!

Football Fun

If you’re a football fan, there’s still time to take your dog to a tailgate! Your dog will love all the attention from guests, and they will also love getting some exercise and being outside. So find a tailgate, make some dog friendly tailgate snacks, and cheer on your team. Head out to one of the remaining Boise State Broncos games and dress your dog in some festive gear. Follow these simple and easy tailgate tips to ensure that your dog (and everyone else at the party) has an amazing tailgate experience!

New Hiking Trail

If your ideal way to spend time with your pup is by getting some exercise, try a new hiking trail! There are so many beautiful trails you can try out. You can even slowly increase the level of difficulty for your dog so they become an expert at hiking. Check out this list of hiking spots in the Boise area that may interest you. The changing leaves will be a beautiful sight for you and your dog will love getting to explore the new views, smells, and possibly meet a new friend!

Bake Some Pumpkin Treats

If hiking isn’t as much your thing, stay in and do some baking! Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean pumpkins need to be forgotten. Because it’s packed with fiber and improves digestion, pumpkin is actually very good for dogs. If you’re feeling crafty, try making some homemade dog treats with pumpkin in them. Just remember not to give your pup too much pumpkin at once, as it can make their tummy hurt.

While these are great activities to try with your dog, there is so much more out there! Reach out to other dog lovers in your community and explore what activities you can do with your pup in the area. Let us know what your favorite thing to do with your dog in the fall is!

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