Keep an Eye Out for Cowboy Kohl this Fall at Boise State Bronco Home Games
July 28, 2017

If you’re a Boise State Broncos fan, then you probably have seen Cowboy Kohl on the field! Cowboy Kohl (or just Kohl when he is not on the job) is the Kickoff Tee Fetching Dog for BSU Football games, as well as the bat dog for the Boise Hawks. Keep reading to learn more about Cowboy Kohl and his story!

Cowboy Kohl

Cowboy Kohl is an 8 year old black lab and was rescued when he was 3. He has been the Kickoff Tee Fetching dog for the past year and this season will be his second year on the job. Not only does he retrieve the tee in the football games, but he is also a bat dog for baseball games. On top of that, Cowboy Kohl has been featured at the halftime shows for basketball games. Last year at a basketball halftime performance, Kohl even scored a basket! He does not falter under the pressure or distraction of thousands and thousands of fans, focusing only on his task. Clearly Cowboy Kohl is a dog of many talents and is very impressive to the audience.

What Does Cowboy Kohl Do?

Cowboy Kohl’s duties are relatively simple, but are harder than they look. After a team punts the football, Kohl’s job is to run out and retrieve the tee. This job is normally done by an official or other person, but at BSU, they have made this duty a more entertaining one. In the early 90’s, Boise State started this quirky and unique way of retrieving the tee. When the original dog retired, this job reverted back to the way everyone else does it. In 2010, BSU brought the dog back and in 2016, Cowboy Kohl took over this position.

Outside of the Stadium

Cowboy Kohl loves his duties. His owner, Britta Closson, says he could retrieve the tees and bats all day. But of course Kohl does more outside of the games too! He is the youngest of the 4 dogs that Closson owns and loves going on day outings to swim or hike and of course cuddling with Closson. He is extremely well behaved and great around other people and dogs.

Kohl has gained national attention from how great of a retriever he is. Check out this video to see how great Kohl is and make sure you tune in this season to see Kohl hard at work!

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