Blitz Takes the Field in Boise
July 18, 2022

Exciting things are happening in Boise! Blitz is the newest employee of Boise State Football and Boise Hawks Baseball.


Blitz’s job is unique! Blitz is a hard-working guy that fetches tees, bats, and balls thrown at Boise State Football or Boise Hawks Baseball games. Did we mention Blitz is a black Labrador retriever? Very few dogs get to work with college football players or professional baseball players.

How Did Blitz Get So Good at His Job?

Positive Pets dog trainer, Devin Martin, is Blitz’s trainer. He has been with Positive Pets since 2012. He has worked hard to train Blitz at his job. Blitz is trained to fetch kickoff tees, bats, and balls on the field. Also, Blitz practices and trains regularly to be ready to take the field at any moment. Martin highlighted that while training dogs at a younger age delivers better results, it is never too late to train a dog. So remember, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Blitz is following in his father’s footsteps after he passed in 2021. Blitz is relatively new to the job but performs very well!

What Other Jobs Can Dogs Have?

Hunting is likely the oldest job dogs have had. Common hunting breeds are German shorthaired pointers, English setters, Irish setters, and Wirehaired pointing griffons. These dogs commonly hunt and retrieve birds.

Barn hunting is a more specific job that requires speed, agility, and a good nose! These dogs hunt any rodents living in barns and remove them. Terriers are common barn hunting dogs and were bred to hunt vermin.

Herding is also a regular dog occupation for Border collies, Australian shepherds, and Australian cattle dogs. These dogs herd cattle, sheep, and even ducks.

Dogs can also be trained for service and therapy jobs. Any dog breed can have this job! However, it does require a good temperament. These dogs help individuals with disabilities, such as fetching items and guiding people with visual impairments. Therapy dogs can help comfort and calm people in universities, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

Next time you get the chance to attend a Boise State Football game or a Boise Hawks Baseball game, be on the lookout for the handsome and talented Blitz!

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