Why Does My Puppy Go Wild at Night?
March 29, 2021

If you’ve ever had a puppy you know about the zoomies, also known as “Frenetic Random Activity Period”. And that’s exactly what it is: random. It could happen in the morning, the middle of the day, or right before bed. Your dog just starts running around like crazy, as if it’s chasing a bunny zigzagging all over the place. It usually doesn’t last very long, and it is completely normal behavior. Your pup might get the zoomies when he’s excited or after a stressful situation like a bath. This erratic behavior can release pent up energy, nervous or otherwise. If your dog is in a kennel for too long, you might see zoomies more often, especially in younger dogs.

When Is It Concerning?

The best area for a dog to “frap” is a fenced in yard. Generally this avoids running into unexpected obstacles and slipping like they would on hard-floors. If your pup seems to be getting the zoomies all the time, there could be a more serious underlying issue; it could be an obsessive behavior or high amounts of stress. Most likely, your dog may just not be getting enough stimulation, both mental and physical. If you have a concern about your dog’s zoomies, contact your veterinarian to discuss your dog’s frequencies.

How To Reduce Wild Occurrences

Routines are great for dogs, especially puppies. Consider walks with new routes, training for new tricks, and activities that stimulate their brain. There are plenty of “quiet time” activities that will give your pup plenty of stimulation. Kongs filled with peanut butter, snuffle mats,

Puppies shouldn’t be left alone for too long. Time spent in a kennel is relative to your dog’s age and breed. If you can’t get home at the time frames needed, have a relative, neighbor, or Rover sitter let your dog out and play with them. If you enjoy your sleep, it’s a good idea to tire your pup out to sleep through the night.

Getting Ready In The Morning With A Puppy

Getting Ready In The Morning With A Puppy

Having a puppy can sometimes seem like you are caring for a newborn baby. Dog owners know how challenging it can be to get ready in the morning with your puppy, especially if your pup isn’t fond of sleeping in. But here are some things to anticipate when getting ready...