Getting Ready In The Morning With A Puppy
August 6, 2021

Having a puppy can sometimes seem like you are caring for a newborn baby. Dog owners know how challenging it can be to get ready in the morning with your puppy, especially if your pup isn’t fond of sleeping in. But here are some things to anticipate when getting ready for the day while taking care of your adorable little, furry friend!

Bathroom Time

It’s extremely likely that your puppy will wake you up before your alarm to go potty. You may be used to taking your leisurely time waking up in the morning before leaving the bed, but if you have a pup, expect to be up before you know it unless you want your dog mistaking your rug for a patch of grass!

Puppies are always on the go, so their bladder might not wait for you! Try laying out potty pads for any accidents that might happen before you wake up.

Say Goodbye To Sleeping In

Sadly for dog owners, puppies are bursting with energy. This means your normal sleeping schedule might be compromised as your playful pup wants some morning time attention. Along with the ability to be seemingly unstoppable in playtime, dogs also have a keen sense of hearing, so they can sense when you’re rustling around and might take this as a sign to come and fully wake you up!

Morning Walks With Your Pup

It may seem like a daunting task to have an extended walk first thing in the morning, but once you incorporate this task into your morning routine, you’ll start to love spending quality time with your puppy! A 10-30 minute walk ensures you and your pup get in some much-needed cardio first thing and start your day on the right foot. Not only is it beneficial for your dog, but walking is great for healthy dog owners too!

A Chewable Wardrobe?

Dogs love to help their owners pick out their shoes in the morning, or they might just be sneakily taking off with your favorite shoe to make their new toy… It’s not uncommon for pups to mistake your easily accessible shoes for something to play with, so be sure to put them out of sight and reach unless you want those new shoes to be torn up! Try enforcing positive chewing with proper chew toys for your puppy. It’s important to not discourage them completely from chewing, as it’s a natural instinct, but make them understand that toys are the only thing they should be eyeing up.

Becoming A Morning Person

Most puppies are restlessly awake by the time the sun peeks through. This means you will likely become a morning person by default. Even if your puppy wakes you up at the crack of dawn, it will surely be worth it to see their adorable and excited face just waiting for some snuggles and playtime. Getting used to earlier mornings can be a struggle for some dog parents, but remember the excitement you both get when reuniting in the morning!

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