Kohl Featured on Puppy Bowl XIV Presents: Cute As Fluff
February 14, 2024


While we’re sure everyone had an amazing time watching the Superbowl last Sunday, we can bet that you also got a chance to watch the Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is the event that dog lovers wait for and can’t wait to watch. This year, it got even better for Boise State fans because Kohl, the Tee Fetching Dog for the Boise State Broncos football team, was featured in the Puppy Bowl: Cute As Fluff show!

All About Kohl

The 5 minutes segment started by introducing Kohl and his owner Britta. She discussed Kohl’s background and how he was a rescue dog. But now Kohl is taking fetch to the major leagues! Britta discussed how retrieving and helping the team is Kohl’s passion. She said, “He just wants to retrieve stuff all day long.” She wants people to understand he truly loves what he is doing. She said, “He is giving 110% on every retrieve. You could never slow him down.”

Fan and Team Reactions

While of course, so many people adore Kohl for his cuteness, they also think he is an amazing asset to the team. Interviews with fans showed how they were so proud of Kohl and they cheer for him every time. A retrieve from Kohl is just as exciting as a touchdown for some.  Fans, players, and coaches all say he just as much a member of the team as anyone else.

We are so proud that Kohl was featured on the Puppy Bowl: Cute as Fluff segment. We’re glad more of the world got to see Kohl’s talent and abilities. Check out the full segment for yourself! Kohl’s shining moment starts at 36 minutes. Enjoy!