Tips for Walking in Wet Weather
March 15, 2019

When it’s raining outside it can be difficult to decide if you should stay inside or push through and walk Fido. Whatever you choose to do we gathered some solutions for both options to keep you and your pup safe.

If possible don’t go – try some indoor games instead

Rainy weather can be dangerous and just messy. Cars are less likely to see you and your pup and are also more likely to skid on the road. On top of that, you and your dog will most likely get drenched. This could result in both you and Fido getting sick as well as muddy and gross. And if your pup hates baths, you’ll probably want to avoid having to give them an extra one because you went out in the rain. Stay inside and play games with your furry friend, treat puzzles and the dog version of hide-and-seek are great for mental stimulation.

Reward Positivity

Encourage positive associations with rainy walks by offering treats, praise, or a favorite toy before, during, and after the outing. This helps your dog associate rainy days with enjoyable experiences, making them more willing to go outside despite the weather.

Be prepared with necessary materials

Don’t bother bringing an umbrella. Balancing a lease and an umbrella pole can be extremely tough and is not recommended. You’ll want to suit up in a nice raincoat to keep you warm and dry and don’t forget about Fido; they might need one too. We recommend having some type of reflective material as well, lucky for you there are reflective vests explicitly made for pups. The more visible you can be in the rain the better.

Avoid any busy streets

It doesn’t matter if your dog loves water or utterly despises it, busy streets will cause problems. The last thing you want is a car driving through a puddle and drenching you and your pup in water. This will only cause stress and anxiety for your furry friend, so if you can avoid it, please do. Skipping busy streets is also helpful in preventing any potential accidents that can occur, keeping you and your pooch safe.

Rainy weather isn’t very fun when you’re trying to get in your daily walk with your canine companion. But you can’t ignore your dog’s need for regular exercise. Whether deciding to stay inside or venture out into the rain, stay safe and try to still have fun.

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