Preventing the Dog Flu
September 12, 2018

Flu season is our least favorite time of year, but it could be made worse if you spend your sick days trying to take care of your doggo, too! Check out our tips for preventing your lively pup from coming down with a nasty flu virus.

Dog Flu Vaccine

We recommend that the Dog flu vaccine be administered to your dog at the same time as other vaccines that protect against respiratory infections in dogs. This will give your dog the best protection against all kinds of respiratory infections and “kennel cough!”

Boarding your Dog

Dog-boarding facilities are one of the leading ways that canine flu gets spread! Always check out the dog-boarding facility before you let your dog stay there. The facility should be clean and should have a policy for isolating dogs with signs of respiratory illnesses. Talk to the managers and make sure you feel comfortable with their standards for care and cleanliness.

Keep your Sick Pup Home

Avoiding the flu virus is important to keep your pup healthy, but if your dog does come down with the flu, be sure to keep them home for at least four weeks. This will allow your furry friend to fully recover and will minimize the risk of spreading any infections to other dogs. Clean and disinfect all clothing, equipment, surfaces, and hands after exposure to dogs showing signs of respiratory disease so that other dogs don’t catch the bug.

Similar to human care, standard expectations of cleanliness will also help your dog avoid the flu virus. Keep your dog’s toys, water, and bowls clean to help prevent the spread of disease. All of these tips can help your dog avoid catching the sniffles!

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