Forming Habits While Training: Insights from Positive Pets Dog Training
May 1, 2024

Training a dog is not just about teaching commands; it’s about instilling positive habits that lead to well-mannered behavior. At Positive Pets Dog Training, we understand the significance of forming habits during training. Our approach goes beyond teaching obedience commands; we focus on creating lasting behavioral changes that enhance the bond between dogs and their owners. Forming habits is crucial in dog training and the Positive Pets’ programs cater to this principle.


Understanding the Importance of Habits:

Habits shape our daily lives, and this holds true for our furry companions as well. Dogs thrive on routine and consistency, making the formation of good habits essential for their overall behavior. Whether it’s greeting guests politely, walking calmly on a leash, or responding promptly to commands, these behaviors stem from ingrained habits developed through training.

Dogs are quick learners, and they often pick up habits—both positive and negative—based on their experiences and interactions. By intentionally fostering desirable habits through training, we can set them up for success in various situations. Moreover, cultivating good habits can prevent behavioral issues and promote harmony within the household.

The Role of Professional Training:

While pet owners can certainly undertake training efforts on their own, professional guidance can make a significant difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. At Positive Pets Dog Training, our team of experienced trainers employs positive reinforcement techniques to shape behaviors and instill desirable habits in dogs of all ages and breeds.

Our Well-Mannered Dog Programs:

Positive Pets Dog Training offers a range of programs tailored to suit the needs of every dog and owner. These programs are designed to focus on habit formation while providing comprehensive training solutions. Here are some of our flagship programs:

Stay and Train Program:

Ideal for busy pet owners or dogs requiring intensive training, our 10-day Stay and Train Program provides a structured environment where dogs can immerse themselves in learning. During their stay, dogs receive personalized attention from our trainers as they work on building positive habits and mastering essential skills.

Day Training Program:

Designed for owners who prefer to be more involved in their dog’s training journey, our Day Training Program offers flexibility and convenience. Dogs attend training sessions during the day, where they learn and practice new behaviors under the guidance of our experienced trainers. Owners are then provided with guidance on reinforcing these habits at home.

Private Lessons:

For a personalized approach tailored to specific needs and challenges, we offer private lessons where trainers work one-on-one with dogs and their owners. These sessions allow for focused attention on addressing behavioral issues, refining obedience commands, and establishing long-term habits that promote a harmonious relationship between dog and owner.


At Positive Pets Dog Training, we recognize the impact that forming habits has on a dog’s behavior and well-being. Through our tailored training programs, we prioritize habit formation alongside obedience training, fostering positive behaviors that last a lifetime. Whether it’s through our Stay and Train Program, Day Training Program, or private lessons, we are committed to helping dogs and their owners build strong foundations for a fulfilling relationship.

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