The Different Styles of Dog Leashes
September 15, 2017

Walking your dog is one of the most crucial parts of keeping them happy and healthy. Since you walk your dog so much, it’s also important that you have a quality leash that keeps your dog safe. Having the proper leash keeps your dog from running out into the street and chasing other dogs or people. It also keeps you in constant control so you can keep an eye on your dog and also have an easier time walking them. Not all leashes are the same, and depending on your needs, you may be using the wrong one. Check out the many different styles of leashes to learn what’s best for you!

Standard Leashes

A standard leash is well… the most standard! You probably currently have one in your home right now- just a regular leather or nylon leash with a hook for the collar. They can be anywhere from 4-8 feet depending on what brand you have.

  • Type of dog: Mid-sized dogs, puppy or adult
  • Cost: Low
  • Great for: Walks and outdoor activities

When choosing this leash, make sure the length allows your dog to be comfortable enough to walk with you, but still gives you control.

Chain Leashes

If your dog is known for tearing through leashes, chain leashes are the way to go. While you can have smaller chains for smaller dogs, these are most suitable for bigger dogs. They are virtually indestructible, so you won’t have to worry about buying a new leash any time soon!

  • Type of dog: Strong, large dogs
  • Cost: Low
  • Great for: Dogs that chew/break leashes.

If you choose a chain leash and your dog is a chewer, be sure to check if they are chewing on it. If they do this too much, it can damage their teeth.

Retractable Leashes

If you want to be able to control your dog from a distance, retractable leashes are a great option. They can extend up to 30 feet and allow you to maintain control even if you are further away from your dog.

  • Type of dog: Well trained dogs
  • Cost: Higher
  • Great for: Walks, outdoor activities

It’s important your dog is well trained if you use this type of leash, since pulling can hurt your dog. Make sure your dog is trained on a regular leash first.

Multiple Dog Leashes

If you have multiple dogs that you have trouble walking, a dual retractable leash is a great option. These allow you to have one single handle, with multiple leashes stemming out from it. You are in control and you only have to keep hold of one item.

  • Type of dog: Well trained dogs
  • Cost: Higher
  • Great for: walks with multiple dogs

If your dogs aren’t well trained, this may not be a great option since it is hard to have control over each, individual dog.

Seatbelt Leashes

When it’s time to transport your dog, the seatbelt leash is the way to keep your dog safe and calm. All you do is attach one end to your dog’s harness and the other to the seatbelt clip in your car. Your dog will be secure and won’t be bothering you on the road!

  • Type of dog: Easily excitable dogs
  • Cost: Low
  • Great for: Car rides, transportation

In general, you may need multiple leashes for different occasions! Just be sure to invest in quality leashes, since you will be using them all the time!

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